Blanc d'Ivoire shop London

Blanc d’Ivoire shop London

Blanc d'Ivoire shop London

Blanc d’Ivoire shop London

We at the Brownhouse Interiors are pleased to be offering this wonderful collection, at our Blanc d’Ivoire shop in London. We have a selection of pieces in our store at 42 Queenstown Road SW8 3RY and we are able to special order anything at all from their wonderful collection of furniture and accessories for our clients. We are the exclusive supplier for Blanc d’Ivoire here in London.

They have a super collection of pieces including art, rugs, home accessories, lighting and fabulous furniture pieces.

With its perfect relaxed luxury ethic this is the perfect brand to suit our aesthetic.

At The BrownHouse Interiors we can make an appointment with our clients to meet at their home or at our showroom to discuss their requirements and aesthetic etc. As we are an interior design studio we can also advise on the entire scheme, we can assist with window treatments, paint and wallpaper, lighting, bespoke rugs, accessorising and flooring to name a few. We can also simply order the pieces of furniture that you require and arrange for delivery straight to your home. Or simply order individual items from their collection at our Blanc d’Ivoire shop London

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Blanc d’Ivoire shop London

We have had an association with Blanc d’Ivoire for around 10 years and have always satisfied our customers needs with this brand. It is the best quality and value for money and we love their pieces. We are pleased to offer these pieces to our clients here in London. If you want something timeless but a little different, thins the brand you should be considering. Blanc d’Ivoire shop London.

The Blanc d’Ivoire shop London collection includes 

Blanc Divoire Lighting

Blanc d’Ivoire shop London

Blanc d’Ivoire Furniture

Blanc d’Ivoire soft furnishings

Blanc Divoire soft furnishings are made to the highest quality using natural materials and techniques. They are made with wool, cotton , linen and silk and are a please to handle.

Their designs are unique and made to suit many different interior design styles and aesthetics.

We have been proud to offer these pieces through our Store at 42 Queenstown Road London SW8 3RY.

Blanc d’Ivoire shop London

Blanc d’Ivoire Art

Blanc d’Ivoire shop London

Should you require our personalised design service including a home visit from our designer Wayne Brown , or whether you would prefer to come to the shop or even shop online we have an online shop with may of the Blanc d’Ivoire pieces available , alternatively we can send through to you a PDF copy of the entire catalogue, you can select the pieces you are interested in and then we will get back to you with the price and availability.

Lead times are approximately 4-6weeks on most pieces as long as they are in stock.

Should the items you require be out of stock, we can also let you know when they are due back in and give you an estimated delivery date. Back orders are accepted and that is the best way to secure one of the more popular pieces, these can sometimes have long waiting lists.

We are looking forward to assisting you with your next purchase. Visit us at The BrownHouse Interiors , 42 Queenstown Road London SW8 3RY or enquire through the contact page on outr website

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