25cm White Disc with dots


25cm White Disc with dots

25cm White Marble Bi Disc with hand-carved dots 25cm White Marble Bi Disc with hand-carved dots


This hand made piece comes complete with a bespoke made metal stand, it would compliment any interiors scheme.


W25cm H30cm (approx)


Bi-discs, circular stone discs with a central hole, first made in the Neolithic period as simple slices of stone, just ground to achieve a smooth even surface, later gradually developed into sophisticated jade and nephrite discs with carvings of dragons and other mythical beasts.

The circular shape symbolizes the earth, sun and sky as well as eternity since there is no beginning nor end.

Bi-discs were cult objects, buried together with their owner. They were the symbol of status and power and only for the aristocracy.

As the bi-discs were just found in modest sizes in our modern time, both have been considerably enlarged to give them a more impressive visual aspect.




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25cm White Disc with dots

25cm White Disc with hand-carved dots 25cm White Marble Bi Disc with hand-carved dots


The Brownhouse Interiors is an interior design studio and retail shop based in London at 42 Queenstown Road, London, SW8 3RY. We have a lovely selection of homewares, furniture lighting, soft furnishings, home fragrance , art and ceramics collections. We also have a fantastic bespoke rugs service where we can produce bespoke rugs handmade in India to your exact specifications, All types of yarns are used and these fabulous bespoke rugs are completely hand made from start to finish. All this at a fraction of the cost you might spend on rugs of this quality elsewhere.


We also have a wonderful selection of lighting from suppliers in the UK as well as from Europe. We stock brands such as Aromas del Campo, DCWEditions, RV Ashley, Ochre, Cox London to name but a few.

We also have antique Chinese terracotta pots and lamps as well as ancient rustic furniture that is exactly what you would be looking for when styling a Wabi Sabi , Mediterranean or coastal farmhouse interior design scheme.

The BrownHouse Interiors aesthetic

Our look is decidedly relaxed luxury, incorporating imperfection in ceramics or old pieces of antique furniture with luxurious fabrics like silk, cashmere, alpaca and linen. This combined with great interiors finishes creates a really comfortable and inviting home design scheme. Wow your friends and family with some of our great pieces.

Our favourite styles being Wabi Sabi , Mediterranean, Californian and urban farmhouse. Eclectic interiors that look lived in and layered, well travelled and interesting.



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Dimensions 25 × 25 × 30 cm
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