Wabi Sabi at The Brownhouse Interiors

Wabi Sabi is a principle that suits any home, here are a few guidelines for creating the right atmosphere. Choosing earth colours for the home (think rich terracotta, stormy blue, and olive green) can create a calming, informal atmosphere and blur the lines between outdoor and indoor; adding indoor plants for an extra burst of life in your room. Avoid stark whites and chrome metallics – opt instead for brushed brass, wood, and leather to keep the room feeling soft and organic. Allow features of the building itself to take centre stage: emphasise wooden floorboards with unfussy rugs we have a bespoke rug-making service so you can have exactly the flooring you like, dress window frames with simple linen curtains using our curtain-making service , and embrace any eccentricities in your home as they add individuality and character form our Wabi Sabi section here in the online shop

Wabi Sabi outdoors
Wabi Sabi at The Brownhouse Interiors
Earthy tones, embracing imperfection
Wabi Sabi Vignette
Wabi Sabi brings the outdoors in.
Old rustic pieces complete the look

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